Amy VanBeek

High School History


“I love the students. Students have always been why I want to teach...I love seeing them interact with each other, make connections, and think!"

Kathryn Anne Stoothoff

High School English and Bible Teacher


“Every day I come to work, I get to make an eternal difference in the lives of my students.”

Gary Steingas

JH and High School Science, Robotics Teacher


“I love the fact that students can come to our school and be taught truth, with Christ being the foundation of that truth.”

Joy Oaks

Spanish Teacher


“Jesus Christ is the purpose and the basis for all instruction at Riverside Christian School.”

Liz Lawrence

JH and High School Math Teacher


“I love that I can pray freely with my students. I love that the administration works closely with the teachers, staff, and students. I love that the school is small enough for everyone to know each other, which allows us to support each other in trials/praises of our lives.”

James Herring

High School Bible and Missions Teacher


“Riverside Christian School is committed to the teaching of God’s truth, as well as the application of truth to everyday life. Students are regularly challenged to see all of life as the classroom in which they live out the truths they have been taught.”

Tracy Golladay

JH Bible and Pacific Northwest History Teacher


“Riverside is a good place for Christians to learn and discover that God is in every part of life and learning.”

Susan Emmans

Civics Teacher


“I love the teaching environment and the quality of the administrative leadership spiritually and academically. The opportunity to mentor students and watch them grow spiritually and academically is a great privilege.”

Mike Emmans

High School Science and Guitar Teacher


“RCS is the best place to teach science in Yakima. We have a huge amount of biodiversity on campus—from wetlands to the pond to arid areas. I frequently see migratory birds in the pond. We are involved in long-term research in the pond. Additionally, we are within a few minutes of native shrub steppe habitat and the Yakima River. I like the science lab set up. The students are engaging and I enjoy my colleagues and administration.”

Megan Boswell

High School English Teacher


“I love the community of Riverside Christian School. The faculty and parents are able to work together to provide kids with the foundation they need for the future, both academically and spiritually. Having a common goal makes what we do more effective and meaningful.”

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